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A Passion for Caring

Our programs and projects demonstrate our drive to help

Schools & Communities

We are on a mission to support elementary schools by providing much-needed school supplies and laptops. Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, and every child deserves access to quality learning resources. Unfortunately, many schools lack the necessary supplies and technology to support effective learning.

Disabled Vets / PTSD

The foundation will be focusing on building a retreat to provide a stress free environment for Warriors, their families and caregivers to cope with and overcome PTSD and physical issues as they transition from service to community.

Women in Poverty

By combining the two powerful ideas of “Paying it Forward” with Micro-Lending, we are able to help women help themselves rise out of poverty, as well as be able to “Pay It Forward” so that others can also benefit in the future

“Big changes start with a small contribution”

Aliya Card

Chief inspiration Officer

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